Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

It was a great pleasure to welcome expert Roo Irvine and actor Clare Holman to 78 Derngate back in June. BBC Celebrity Antiques Road Trip visited us during their trip around the Midlands. The Road Trip team is very efficient and it was obvious that they knew what they wanted to get from the visit and that they’d done their homework too! The narrative of the ‘story’ to be told had already been sketched out. The plan seemed to be that we would follow this loose outline but have a fairly natural conversation on camera aiming to include all of the key bits of information about Mackintosh and the house. Clare and Roo were taken on an informal tour of the house which was great fun and they seemed to be having a good time discovering and taking their own photos of all the details. The episode will be first broadcast on BBC at 7pm on 13th December 2017. David who hosted the visit has written a 'behind the scenes' on his blog with further photos and details. [ BBC iPlayer link UK only ]