Washstand part 2

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed Guest Bedroom at 78 Derngate has a further and beautiful new addition that can be seen by visitors to the house this Autumn.

Thanks to the generosity of The Friends of 78 Derngate, we've been able to commission Professor Jake Kaner from Nottingham Trent University to make a replica of the second component of the Mackintosh-designed washstand which originally stood in the corner of the room. This joins the
base cabinet and washbowl which both arrived in 2015.
The washstand is made of oak veneered ply with an adjustable tilting mirror and locking vanity side cupboards. A blue and black stencilled checkerwork detail frames the mirror. The design matches the other furniture in the room and shows Mackintosh's use of the square in both a decorative and structural manner. The original washstand is on display at The Hunterian Art Gallery in Glasgow [
online catalogue information ] where a replica room setting of the Guest Bedroom has been created. The third and final part of the washstand set, a silk and glass splashback is planned for installation before the end of 2018.

Jake has made all of the replica Mackintosh furniture at 78 Derngate and has worked with us from the start of the restoration and we're delighted that he has been able to create another piece of exceptional quality for our visitors to enjoy. The re-creation of this piece further completes Mackintosh's strikingly modern vision for this unique interior and gives a sense of the experience enjoyed by the guests who stayed in this room 100 years ago.

Visitors to 78 Derngate are now able to view the new washstand on display.