Awards and accolades

Though 78 Derngate is but a small terraced house in the English midlands it has been the subject of much comment over the years. Its remodelling by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1916 -17 created something that has fascinated people for a century.

On this page you will find a selection of the more interesting of these comments along with some of the many awards that have been won since the restoration of the house.
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2015 "...dazzling."
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Dan Cruickshank
Art historian and broadcaster

"78 Derngate is dazzling."
2015 "..a bright architectural gem.."
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Jonathan Foyle
Architectural historian and broadcaster

"Northampton has some architectural gems and 78 Derngate is a bright one."
2014 "Mackintosh's most significant commission after leaving Glasgow in 1914."
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Pamela Robertson
Professor Emerita Mackintosh Studies at the Hunterian Art Gallery

"The interiors at 78 Derngate were Mackintosh's most significant commission after leaving Glasgow in 1914. Their bold geometric patterns and vivid colour schemes mark a striking move away from the delicate colours and subtly modelled forms of the interiors of the early 1900s."
2014 "One of 100 brilliant buildings..."
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The 20th Century Society

"One of 100 brilliant buildings of the twentieth century."
2013 "An extraordinary riot of colour and pattern"
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John McAslan CBE
Restoration Architect
78 Derngate

"An extraordinary riot of colour and pattern, mitigated by textural subtlety and attention to detail. 78 Derngate is a house of drama, richness and depth."
2012 "A masterful reconstruction."
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Roger Bilcliffe
Noted authority on Charles Rennie Mackintosh

"A masterful reconstruction - sets the bar high for other owners of Mackintosh buildings."
2012 "..must see.."
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"1001 Buildings you must see before you die."
78 Derngate is building number 373.

2009 "One of those places you have to shout about."
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Simon Calder
Travel Editor
The Independent

"78 Derngate is one of those places you have to shout about.
It is a textbook example of how to do tourism."
2004 "The most delightful museum you will ever see."
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The Telegraph
"To the great museums of the world, there must now be added one other. No 78 Derngate, Northampton.
Just opened, this is the most delightful museum you will ever see."
2003 "One of the most important interiors of the entire twentieth century."
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Eric Knowles
BBC Antiques Roadshow
"An ordinary street in an ordinary town but behind one of these front doors lies one of the most important interiors of the entire twentieth century."
2003 "One of Britain's top ten..."
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Deyan Sudjic
Director Emeritus
Design Museum London

"One of Britain's top ten art deco buildings."
1996 "Unoccupied and in need of renovation"
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The Independent
"78 Derngate is a two-up, two-down house, unoccupied and in need of renovation. But if you wipe the dirt off the window and peer in you can see an undusted and neglected masterpiece of modern design."
1920 "More or less uninhabitable"
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The Ideal Home
"The transformation of an old, cramped and more or less uninhabitable dwelling into a charming and up-to-date miniature residence."
1917 "Quiet and peaceful."
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Designer, 78 Derngate
"The walls are decorated with a frieze...of a rich heraldic design of V shaped leaves stencilled in rich golden yellow enriched...with emerald green, vermillion, cobalt blue and petunia purple. This... gives an effect that is at once rich and gay and yet quiet and peaceful."
1916 "Dear Mr Mackintosh..."
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W.J Bassett-Lowke
Owner, 78 Derngate

"I have obtained possession of the house today and my friends are commencing the work."

78 Derngate winner of the Hidden Gem category.

78 Derngate winner of the prestigious
Gold Accolade from Visit England.
One of only 7 properties in England so honoured in 2015.